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We are French KissaBulls

My husband Glenn and I have been raising American, English and French Bulldogs for over 20 years. We fell in love with the French Bulldog because of their charming personalities and their ability to make great companions.

Our male, Wyatt and female Willow were natural members of our family and when they bred, we decided to share them. We kept their first puppy and a male from their next litter for breeding.

All of our French Bulldogs live with us, we get to know them, love them, cuddle them from birth. We pre-spoil them! This socialization makes our puppies perfect for their new homes. Our Frenchies take less time to adapt to their new families and families get to see their personalities right away making the process of re-homing much easier.

We love that French Bulldogs are affectionate, smart, playful, patient, alert, bright sociable and easy-going; so, will you.

Our mission is to raise, breed and sell only quality French Bulldogs to loving forever home.

It’s important to match clients with the perfect fur-baby. We do this by gathering as much knowledge about what each clients specific needs and wants are in owning their very own Frenchie. A French Bulldogs lifespan is approximately 11-14 years old, so we do not take the process of owning your very own Frenchie lightly. We like to make sure it will be a perfect fit for both your family and our Frenchies.