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(sold) Blueberry Stud Muffin aka “Mr. Muff”

This tiny little guy is so light that he looks like he is Lilac. He is a QUAD carrier!! AND he carries Testable Chocolate and is the cutest little thing! He has amazing color and structure. And at 6 weeks old he is weighing in at 1.10 lbs. His Dam is very small also, but has a solid muscle build as well as his Sires build. He would be an amazing part of any program.

DAM: Milani Sharlize – Our Tiny Muscle Machine Brindle

SIRE: Jasper aka Welshcoast Titan – Our Platinum Boy that carries testable

DNA: Ay/At  B/b  d/d  E/e  i/i  n/EM  n/Kb  N/S

DOB: September 20, 2021