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(Retired) Willow

RETIRED: Meet Willow born on January 21, 2016, this Black Mask Fawn French Bulldog is one of our smallest dogs at only 18lbs. Her petite face says it all, you can tell exactly what is on her mind by just looking at her expressions. Petite, but pure muscle, Willow is alert, protective, and loyal. She is a great mother, she loves her babies and loves to pass down her great Frenchies attitude too. Willow also loves toys that are babies, any toy you call baby in fact, she will lick it clean just like her babies.

Willow hears everything and it is no surprise that her favorite pastime is watching TV. She makes a great snuggle buddy too! She is very loving to all the new Frenchies and takes time to show them how to play in our yard. Willow is great with other animals and children. Willow likes to have fun and play dress up to pose for picture on occasion.