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(Retired) Wyatt

This sweet boy is our first male French Bulldog. Wyatt is a Black and White Pied that definably captured our hearts. His sweet round marble like eyes tell his story, Wyatt is a lover not a fighter. Eager to help, when our first litter was born, the mother had a texture issue with cleaning the babies, so Wyatt didn’t miss a beat and took over the job of cleaning and caring for all the Frenchie puppies.

Such the protector, we can always count on Wyatt to keep all of the French Bulldog puppies in line! He works hard and plays hard. When his work is done, Wyatt loves to play bones. His favorite game is Monster Bone, all we do is say the word and show him a claw and he is playing hard!

Wyatt’s sweet disposition makes him a great dog for families